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About leFlacon ...

leFlacon is an independent atelier for the designing of handmade dress for girls, which is established in Shanghai, China in 2012.  It takes the design inspiration of historical antique dress by recombination and redesigning.  It is mainly in the girl style of Lolita, Vintage-inspired, Kaneko and Fairy-kei.    


We also have the product line of leFlaconBoutique, which is purely handmade stitch by stitch.  We applied a lot of high quality and exquisite lace and unique antique-style material.


Our designers go for darkness aesthetics and exquisite fragmentation.  It is hoped that we could express our perceptual knowledge on decadent aesthetic and gorgeous dream in our heart through our design.


As a brand in niche style, leFlaconBoutique hopes that we could promote a spirit of Non-Daily while in bringing everybody the beauty in daily wearing.